I was speaking with my cousin today and she sent me this flyer about a special event tonight that is happening in your front doorway. I went online to check if this was a Texas thing or something going national.

This is an anyone thing surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. It's just a way to show some love in an old school way I guess you would say.

You can really put a time on something like this because they just happen. This coronavirus is projected to take over 200k humans and that could go higher. I was just watching as the surgeon general was talking about us wearing masks versus not putting them on. I'm afraid we don't really have definite answers on anything except we know people are dying. State by state we're seeing our government to stay home and don't leave. People are losing jobs every second that I write this.

Tonight some people will be taking a candle and lighting it outside their door. It doesn't matter whether you live in a house, apartment or in a trailer park. We're going to do the one little thing we can right now and that is to say, thank you.

This event is called "Let There Be Light" and is happening around the country at 7 p.m. People want to unite with light and thank our doctors, nurses & medical professional for working to aid all of us through the COVID-19 outbreak. Shine your light for everyone at St. Lukes, Saint Alphonsus and everyone taking part in protecting our lives while putting their own on the line.


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