How is this possible? We have been talking about my co-hosts driver's license for over a year now. Look what just happened. She didn't make the cut again.

I mean it is the written, can you really remember the number of yards from that turkey in the street? Can you go on green or red? I can see how these attack your mind. So much pressure.

Let me say again and let's be crystal clear if your reading this article Kat Fisher. I am not test fail shaming you. Wait, Kat just yelled at me,

Keke, don't worry. Kat isn't reading your damn article and it wasn't a legit fail.

What does that even mean, "a legit fail?" Where are we going with this Kat? Let me take you back a few months again when she almost killed me and 5 other lines of traffic. Yes, she said this with a nice yell, "Keke's, I think I can make it!"

Just imagine her leaning into the right door while yanking the steering will into oncoming traffic. Yes, she went the wrong way in Downtown Boise on a one-way. Oh, I flew into the door almost break some people of my body. I still have nightmares. Well, we'll move on.

Kat is taking another test next week and I just wanted to speak out so you don't make the same mistake. I'm planning on sharing this information with Kat too. Can you see the kind of human I'm being right now? Just thank me later.

Here's a quick little Idaho cheat sheet or as I would say, studying! You will love this team!


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