Live for 175 is back and the emotions are running extra deep this year. The weather kept us on our toes when filling seats to ride with a few cancellations throughout the day. Monday morning was kind of slow which isn't good for powering the radio station.

I talked to several heroes throughout the day including a moment that I lost control. I was speaking about a little girl and my emotions overcame me. Today was just the beginning of what's to come.

My 8-Year-Old Hero

I was about to play a phone call I received years ago with the intentions of catching someone's attention and maybe saving a life. Live for 175 is all about painting a vivid picture from people's lives that have been affected by abuse. We talk domestic violence, child abuse, bullying, and mental health. This 7-day event is the most untraditional thing we do as a radio station. The goal is to let people open up and speak.

I wanted to talk about a little girl's strength and hopefully reach another person in the meantime. Taking stories and airing out the details no matter how graphic is what has made this event a therapeutic experience.

Today I lost it when speaking about this 8-year-old girl who could barely speak. Her vocal cords had been shattered by an abusive uncle. There was so much pain in her voice but this immense amount of heroism. She just wanted to tell other kids it's okay to talk. Speak up. Don't be scared. It's not your fault.

LIVE FOR 175 - DAY THREE - 2018
Photo by: Kekeluv

She also had an inspiring message for the abuser, stop. I never got to the phone call because my emotions completely broke me down to crying on-air and digitally around the globe. Boise High was cycling at the time I was speaking. I watched a teacher put on her sunglasses as I could barely hold it together. I never got to the call.

The male teacher looked up at me as I was wiping tears and gave me a thumbs up, "good job." I took advantage of a moment to reach some kids that were staring directly at me with a a message that's simple, "nobody should ever put their hands on you." These aren't children. All 12 of these kids are a heartbeat away from graduating high school.

Immediately after breaking down on-air I was met with a lady at the studio. She walked up in tears and said, "I had to turn around and tell you my story. After listening to the story about the little girl - I was that girl for over 20 years and now i'm in my 40's. I've finally came out from behind the curtain and said enough is enough."

You would never know by seeing this woman walk down the street. She's felt trapped for over 20 years and just told her mom a few years ago.

Why didnt you tell me? - mom

Because you wouldn't have believed me. - daughter

I'm so sorry I probably wouldn't have... - mom

Advice: She explains to tell NOW. Don't go through life in a jail cell by yourself. You must tell TODAY so you can start surviving NOW. Start the healing NOW. Your body is YOURS. Nobody has a right to violate that. Tell NOW.

This 8-year old spoke to this 40-year old and both could relate.

Start today and tell. Speak about it. Life is too short to let someone rob your future. Today is NOW.

LIVE FOR 175 - DAY THREE - 2018
Photo by: Kekeluv

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