The Village at Meridian probably isn't this loud all year long. For 175 hours, thousands of community members come out around the clock--at hours this outdoor venue isn't used to seeing foot traffic, to power one message: It shouldn't hurt to be a child.

Kekeluv, Lucky, and myself all work abnormal hours on the radio to keep this event alive and BIG on the radio. Riders come out and peddle and power the station. Volunteers work all sorts of hours to take care of waivers and check-in. However, there's a body of employees here at our group of radio stations that are out here days in advance setting up equiptment and making sure they're an effective, extended arm of the radio station--that's our street team.

Street team is how I got my foot into the door in this industry--YEARS ago. It's an under-appreciated and very important role not only in this event but in our events that happen all year long, big and small.

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  • Logan
  • Jacob
  • Cynthia
  • Brittiany
  • Jimmy
  • Jamie

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