They're BACK and everyone is rejoicing. The Boise Boys have announced that the finishing touches are being put on their new series for HGTV!

If there's one thing that Boise loves, it is seeing itself, seeing its own, and being able to say 'I know them!" or "I've been there!".

In the most genuine of ways, we here in Boise really love ourselves. Some would call it vanity--I call it a true pride in what we have and what we continue to uphold in the charm of our city. I think that it is fair to say this is the same for the 'Boise Boys'.

You know them from their original show 'The Boise Boys" on HGTV (or maybe you just know these local stars from around town).  The show follows along with Luke and Clint--who could be no more opposite.  The two always find crazy ways to flip homes in OUR hometown of Boise--all while showcasing out beloved city. And people wonder why "the secret" about Boise is out...

If you never got enough of Clint and Luke on HGTV- an announcement they shared yesterday is going to have you ecstatic!  The home-flipping duo shared that they are finishing up the final homes of their NEW series "Outgrown".

In their post to Instagram, which you can see below, they shared that (obviously) due to COVID-19, filming and construction came to a halt several times over the past year. The new show is going to be all about making homes function better for growing families!

By the way-- if you're a Boise Boy fan like we are, you can actually meet them in person this May at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale! How is that for an Instagram flex?



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