Live For 175 begins this weekend and we have a mascot. Meet Kekeluv, the child abuse prevention kitten! Listen to her story, check out some throwback photos, and check out the Live For 175 timeline.

Kekeluv Kitten Three

Meet Kekeluv the kitten! I was getting ready for my show last week and one our sales executives mentioned a neighbor that had this kitten named Kekeluv. You might think it was a little girl's cat and maybe she named him after the silly radio guy right? That's not even close. I reached out to Rebecca who owns this precious little kitten and found out Kitty Keke is more than just a pet.

This is just a testament to people who have a passion for helping others. Rebecca is a hero and so is here little cat. Live for 175 begins this Saturday, April 22, and ends on April 29. Come jump on a special stationary bicycle from CYCLEBAR. Help us cycle to break the cycle of abuse. Join our Kiss family for this free event to show the world that we won't tolerate abuse. We ride for so man people next week and hopefully change more lives. Here are some details on riding and my conversation with Rebecca.

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