Day 6 of Live for 175 was an emotional rollercoaster! We had a dance off, a Disney sing along, CycleBar Class and the greatest group of people you'll ever meet on the bikes! 

On Thursday, my friends from Team Run Boise came out to Cycle to Break the Cycle of abuse at Live for 175.  It's a cause that's extremely important to us because we have so many kiddos that have joined the team with their parents.  There's also a story in our group and I know how important it was for that person to be on the bikes cycling for prevention after what they had been through.  Plus we had a lot of fun (possibly at his expense) of trying to find one of our half marathon coaches a date!

I also had someone open up to me about their story and tell me that they were too scared to report what had happened because they didn't want the person who hurt them "to get in trouble" and that they themselves were "too nice" to come forward.  I want to remind people who feel the same way that your abusers don't deserve your kindness...they don't deserve you to be nice.  Come forward.  Speak up.  Put a stop to it.  If they're hurting you, they may be doing it to someone else.  Not only can you get yourself out of a bad situation, you may save someone else's life as well!

Here's some of the photos I caught on Day 6.  You'll see our princesses, CycleBar, Team Run Boise and more!

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