Just two days until our invite only Red Room Party on Friday! You can't see this movie without a little pre-funk right? Right! That's why Kona Grill is pulling out all the stops to put together the perfect cocktail menu for our winners...the only problem is we need some help naming them!

For whatever reason, Kekeluv in the Morning thought it was a good idea to send Tawsha and I day drinking at Kona Grill. Drink #3 looks like something I would enjoy on the deck of Yacht Club on 4th of July Weekend in McCall.  Tawsha taste tested this one that's made out of berry rum, lemonade, basil, fresh strawberries and Sprite.  Maybe this is one Ana should've had that night at the bar instead of all those margaritas! I kid.  I kid.  Go at it Fifty Shades fans! Submit a Fifty Shades Of Grey themed name in the box below! The best names will appear on the menu Friday night!

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