Every single year, 103.5 KISS FM puts on Live For 175-- this larger than life event that powers our message: it shouldn't hurt to be a child.

Yet again, we're back at it--this year being my second time as part of this event on staff with our radio station. We're several days in and yes, after this many days it can get exhausting. We're out here for hours longer than normal and dealing with the occasional technical difficulties. It's the people--the community--as always, that energizes us and inspires us year after year.

Chive Idaho came out and rocked the stage. In fact, we even turned all of the lights on stage a bright green, just for the crew.

It's big teams like this that really make a difference when it comes to this event--I love hanging out with a stage full of people that are all out here standing up with us, for our cause.

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