I got a good laugh out of so many comments last week--poking fun at how "almost doesn't count" when I wrote Boise State was receiving Top 25 votes.

Listen....I KNOW IT DOESN'T COUNT! That's why I'm so sad! I just want Boise State to be back in the rankings again already. Growing up in Boise, you're used to Boise State not only winning, but you're anxious to see where they end up in the rankings following that win--and often times, rooting for every team high than them, to lose.

It's been another wee and another win for Boise State, but it's also another week that we aren't in the Top 25.  Compared to last week, we made some moves, jumping to 5th most voted for team outside of the Top 25--technically ranking the Broncos at #30.

Other notable teams in the "also receiving votes" category? San Diego State received just one vote to be ranked, of course we all know Boise State beat them in a dominating fashion.

Among the ACTUALLY ranked teams? Former Boise State Head Coach, Chris Petersen and his Huskies rank at #9 and Washington State, who needed several overtimes to defeat Boise State are ranked #19.

To see the complete rankings, click HERE.

OH...and not to brag or anything, but my Notre Dame Fighting Irish are #3!

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