Boise Music Festival 2019 is a wrap! I have no idea what the official numbers were, but Keke's estimate is between 50-70K people through the doors at BMF. Is that a legit number? Who knows, but I'll stick with it for now.

Keke, Mateo and I got to introduce Pitbull as the final act of the night. It was crazy seeing that many people from the stage! I've been apart of some huge shows, but I think this was the biggest crowd I've ever been in front of.

We were having some mic issues throughout the day on stage, so it was no surprise when our mics stopped working at some point during that intro. Not sure if they stopped working or if they intentionally cut us off, but either way we made it work.

DJ Complex flew in for the show and the after party at Balcony, but he missed his flight. His Uber driver got in an accident on the way to the airport, missed his flight and he couldn't get another one out until the afternoon. He finally got there to DJ the KISS stage around 6p. What would a live show be without bumps in road like that? I'm just glad it was finally someone else missing their flight instead of me. Sorry Complex, happy birthday by the way.

My favorite part of BMF honestly was meeting everyone! I love our Boise listeners. People are so friendly and we have genuine connections with them! To me: listeners > any artist performing ever. Love you guys!

For everyone looking for their pictures with artists, meet and greets, and artists on stage: go to !





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