It happened last night.

My wife and I are sitting down to watch one of our favorite shows. During the commerical break, like most red-blooded Americans, we checked our phones. Half paying attention to what's on either screen. It's not an unusual sight in our house.

What happened next, however, was most unexpected.

After an ad for some kind of disgusting sounding eye injections (side note: why do they have so many side effects?), we were bombarded with a political ad. Why is that odd? Because the presidential election doesn't take place for over a year from now. We get a movie company putting out a teaser trailer for a project that's 14 months out, but this isn't Hollywood. This is us on our couch. And we want some political free entertainment, damn it!

Are you already getting hit with political ads while you're watching TV or streaming? Do you feel like maybe it's a tad too early? Or should politicians start stumping as early as possible to attempt to get more votes? Let's connect and see if you're as annoyed by this as my family was. Please send us all your thoughts and prayers as we attempt to make it through this most difficult time.


Maybe the political ads on Idaho television are enough to convince someone to not want to live here. Perhaps if folks only knew the truth about moving to Boise, maybe they would think twice.

Are we saying living in Boise is better than living in California? Well, if that's something you're suggesting, we certainly wouldn't deny it!

Californians: What To Know When Moving To Boise

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