Thanks to so many people who came out to support the survivors during Race for the Cure this weekend. Breast Cancer survivors got different shirts and they received medals as they crossed over the finish line. Very emotional.

I witnessed a couple cross the line, receive a medal and then the husband embraced her for a long hug. I don't know the story but that moment was emotional and probably a milestone.

So many stories and emotional encounters pounding the pavement today. We should be so proud of everyone who got up early Saturday to show someone else they weren't alone. I got to witness kids of ALL ages forget how cool they were for a few minutes and dress silly for someone they love. You can't put a price on that kind of love 💝

This is my final gallery and then we'll be getting ready for Boise Music Festival. Get any good pictures at Race for the Cure? Tag me @kekeluv ❤️

Race for Cure 2019 (3)

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