Race for the Cure just wrapped up with thousands of people running, walking, strolling and dancing down Parkcenter Boulevard. Weather conditions couldn't have been better as this weekend could be the official launch to Summer.

I sitting here writing this immediately after with a nice 66 degrees outside with pink in every direction. I began working here 12 years ago and my first Race was more like an event. We setup up, took pictures and met as many people as possible. Fast forward and it means so much more.

There is a story behind each one of those shirts, hats, dresses, superhero costumes. You might struggle in your career or have difficulties in your relationship. Those are just day to day life moves right. The battle against breast cancer is something entirely different. You fight for your life.

I never just sit back and wave to everyone running and walking because I know so many of these listeners. One year your walking for a friend and the next it's you who is fighting. I heard a woman cross the line with a proud smile as you accepted her survivor medal, "glad to be here."

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

So many stories and emotional encounters pounding the pavement today. We should be so proud of everyone who got up early Saturday to show someone else they weren't alone. I got to witness kids of ALL ages forget how cool they were for a few minutes and dress silly for someone they love. You can't put a price on that kind of love 💝

I'll post up three galleries for you search through. I also want to thank everyone who came up to say hi to me and Kat this morning. If feels great to be accepted by so many of our peeps in the Treasure Valley and I'm sure Kat got to see that today.

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