To be completely honest, we're not sure if people in California spend their free time debating about Idaho. It sounds a little...weird, right?

It is, but the inverse couldn't be more true. Idahoans are very much talking about Californians relocating to Idaho, more specifically, Boise, the state's capitol.

Before we move forward, to prove our point, here's a few photos AI drew up when prompted to draw "Californians moving to Idaho."

AI Draws "Californians Moving To Boise"

We asked Artificial Intelligence to create some pictures using the prompt "Californians Moving To Boise." AI did NOT disappoint us.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

Since this is a hot topic on the internet, then it goes without saying that it's also a sticky topic on Reddit. Here's a recent post from a Redditor asking an honest question:

Why is Californians moving to idaho terrible?

I was born and raised in Cda Idaho and i went off on a rant online about how Californians moving to idaho sucks, my points being, in the winter there are so many car crashes and me and my friends assume a majority of the people who crash are from California because they cant drive in the snow for sh*t. and that rent is through the f**king roof nowadays because realtors know Californians are moving here and they have money, so they ring the prices up forgetting about the people who have been born in cda being forced to move to post falls or spokane. however i have no actual proof of these things, obviously not every car crash is a Californian driving stupidly but the rent thing is sort of a point, although rent is going up everywhere. am i blaming Californians for all the problems in CDA or are they actually ruining some things in idaho for other people. does anyone have any actual proof that Californians ruin idaho? because i dont want to be the type of person to blame others for an issue going on everywhere in the country to its own extremes

Wow. The original poster definitely has some thoughts. What's your take? Let's connect.

If you've recently relocated from California to Boise, we're more than happy to give you a few guidelines to help you acclimate.

The Rules Of Idaho Strip Clubs

Attending an adults-only spot in Idaho? Then you'll want to be sure to follow these rules.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

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