Boise is a popular place to move to in 2024. People from California, Oregon, Washington, and even the East Coast are rearranging their lives to make Boise, Idaho the new place to rest their head. It's one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and it shows.

Moving to a new place can be a challenging process. You've got to make all new friends, meet your new neighbors and act like they're not completely weird, and try to figure out which one of your new coworkers has the best candy at their desk. It's most definitely a lot of work.

Wouldn't things be easier if there were a guide to abide by when you're a new transplant in the City of Trees? Like, who has time to find this stuff out on their own? Shouldn't this be something that's done for us? We definitely think so, and we've taken it upon ourselves to fill you in.

Here's 4 things you should know if you just moved to Boise:

4 Things To Know If You Just Moved To Boise

Did you relocate to Boise, Idaho recently? Cool! Just make sure you know these things before you cause a scene.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media


Luckily, if you're new to Boise, that means you get to discover our amazing food scene here! There are plenty of options no matter what you're into, especially if you appreciate a good breakfast early in the morning.

Best Boise Breakfast Burritos

Try one or try them all!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola


By the way, if you are indeed new here, you should probably be aware of the best (and worst) places to be caught making out in Boise. Here are four locations that we recommend you avoid at all costs if you do find yourself wanting to suck face with a friend or partner:

4 Places Not To Get Caught Making Out In Boise

Gallery Credit: Chris Cruise // Townsquare Media

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