It was a CRAZY notification to see on my phone yesterday and for many who grew up here in Boise or have lived in town for a while-- it may have been equally as crazy. An alert from local authorities declaring Shasta Groene missing?  Some of my coworkers didn't get the depth of the alert..quickly reminding me WHY Shasta is a household name in the Treasure Valley. I was 10 years old at the time--Shasta was an 8-year-old that had been kidnapped from Northern Idaho--her parents left dead.  Even in 2005, it was a shock to see Idaho on the national news the way that it was surrounding Shasta's (and her younger brother Dylan) abduction.  It HAD to be a typo yesterday...right? Shasta, now an adult and mother of two was missing...again?

Nampa Police assured the public it was NOT a mistake and they were looking for her. Social media quickly took off on the subject, many worried.  I didn't know that Shasta now lived in the Treasure Valley and I even had Facebook friends tagging HER in posts asking if she was OK.  Some leaving comments on the news posts via Facebook even claimed they knew her and that she was traveling to visit family--perfectly safe.  Police needed to make sure.

As of yesterday, just after 6:00 p.m. , Nampa Police let us know via Twitter that Shasta and her two sons were safe.  You can see their tweet below.  The department used the hashtag: #Teamwork and #Community and I felt that really spoke volumes of the Treasure Valley.  Seeing THOUSANDS come together online to keep their eyes peeled for Shasta and to wish everyone well and send prayers for her safety--that's just how we are here in the Treasure Valley.


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