We used to be a proper country.

There was a time when you were able to go to your favorite local shopping mall without being bothered. You could walk the entire length of the mall without a single person approaching you in any way whatsoever. Everyone is busy shopping! They don't have time for you.

Well, there was a time when that was the case. It feels like these days, if you step even a few feet into your favorite shopping mall, you're going to get lambasted by mall kiosk workers trying to sell you something.

Do you need the thing they're selling? Nope. Could you even find a use for it if you tried? Nope. Does that stop them from coming from within inches of tackling you to the ground to sell you their wares? Nope.

And, the stuff they're selling is always so weird? Who came up with:

  • Memorial jewelry for your deceased lizard
  • Stuffed animals based on the 1980's cartoon GoBots
  • A shoe-cleaning cloth featuring the face of Maggie O'Mara

Ok that last one sounds like something I'd really want, but I digress.

Why are these mall kiosk employees allowed to (nay, encouraged to) walk up to you randomly, even though you didn't make eye contact or even walk in their direction, to interrupt you and try to sell you something? Don't we go to the mall to get away from stuff like that?

Look, all I want to do is listen to video game music in my earbuds and see if there are any new Pop figures I need to buy at GameStop, ok? Don't even bother asking me to take out my headphones so you can try and convince me why I need a USB-powered air fryer for my car.

Headphones in = I am not to be bothered. And I don't need a damn USB-powered air fryer for my car!

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