Sprout Film Festival is coming back to the Egyptian Theater this weekend with two feature times to attend.

This unique event highlights the memorable and entertaining short films that feature people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

I was fortunate enough to be given the honor of hosting alongside local tv news icon, Maggie O'Mara from KTVB News Channel 7 at the Idaho Miss Amazing Pageant. I will tell you what I said to the audience and the participants that night.

People get caught up in the day to day grind and forget the things that are most important to them, love. We are too busy worrying what the next door neighbor says on social media or who voted for who. If more people took the lead of everyone here tonight, the world would be a better place. The amount of love that is shared at this stage is unparalleled. The politicians that run our country could learn something valuable tonight.

The Arc Idaho will be giving all these families a chance to celebrate their lives in a way that we do. Just because these people have disabilities doesn't mean they can't contribute like everyone else. Yes, there are challenges and life does look different for them and their families. What they mean to me is priceless. These men and women don't judge us, but just want to be with us. Like us. I was watching one of these film trailers and they're so funny and inspiring.

Take a few moments and visit one of these two shows and be inspired like I've been. Find more details at The Egyptian Theatre or The Sprout.

Here's a gallery of some of my friends that are loyal and unwavering in love they give to everyone. Truly inspirational.

Kekeluv and Friends

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