Every year for twelve years, Keke has been doing an event, Live For 175, to bring awareness to child abuse and child abuse prevention. April is child abuse prevention month, and this is my first time doing this amazing event with Keke.

We're a day and a half into our four day stint at the Village at Meridian, and I'm blown away. The amount of people from the community who come out to ride bikes, support the cause, the station and Keke is incredible. I've done countless live events and broadcasts, and I've never seen one quite like this. The bikes are truly fueling the station. If there aren't people on the bikes, the station goes off of the air. And it stays like this for four days! It's so cool to see the first responders, the nurses and doctors, navy, groups of friends and survivors of abuse who come out to ride and support the cause.

The weather could not be more perfect to be outside this weekend! We've still got two more days to spread the message, and two more days to ride! Link here to see the live schedule and sign up for a slot to cycle. We hope to see you tonight, sometime on Saturday, or Easter Sunday!

We've made such great memories already and I'm hyped to meet more people over the next couple days.

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