Drake has had quite a few big features in the last couple months including a song with Chris Brown, their first together in about a decade after finally formally and publicly squashing their beef. So if we get a collab between Drake and Taylor Swift, arguably two of the biggest forces in music, I'd maybe flip out.

Vogue is out with a new cover story on Taylor Swift that discusses potential collaborators on her upcoming album, Lover.

Pouring through all the Easter eggs Swift has graced fans with in recent months, Abby Aguirre writes, "The album is likely to include more marquee names. A portrait of the Dixie Chicks in the background of the 'ME!' video almost certainly portends a collaboration. If fans are correctly reading a button affixed to her denim jacket in a recent magazine cover, we can expect one with Drake, too."

This rumor has Swifties freaking out, and I know myself as a Drake fan I'm freaking out, but this shouldn't come as a complete shock. After all, Tay already displayed her love for Drake by rapping along to his Future collaboration "Jumpman" during her treadmill commercial for Apple Music, and Future was featured prominently on her Reputation single "End Game."

I guess we may have to wait and see if there's a Drizzy collab when her album comes out August 23!

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