Maybe you're a single person looking to meet a nice guy. A guy who will treat you well, make you feel special, and be open and honest. A guy who will make you feel like you live in a real-life Hallmark movie in some magical small town. That magical small town exists, we're just not sure if it's in Boise.

Does he exist? We sure as hell don't know. But we do know that when you go out to a bar in Boise, there are four dudes you're going to meet at every bar. It doesn't matter if it's the upscale nightclub, or the country bar with the cement floor. These guys are always out at bars in Boise, and you're going to run into them whether you like it or not.

Now, don't get offended. This isn't the man-bashing corner, and we absolutely adore going to the bars around Boise (Just ask anyone the last time Mateo was there. Literally every bar will say "the other day.") However, you can't help but notice that even when you're trying to avoid them, you do tend to get approached by the same types of men.

Maybe it's happened to you in the past and you've never thought twice about it. Maybe you've even been out on a date with one of these men and were none the wise. Take a look below and see if any of these sound familiar.

Four Men You'll Meet At Every Bar In Boise


While we're out here looking for guys, maybe you can help the Boise Police Department, as they're on the lookout for a certain perp:

Can You Identify This Man for Boise Police?

Authorities hope that this pictures might help the public identify this man

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