I wanted to share some photos from our quickie out of town to the Oregon coast. This first gallery was a highlight and wanted to show you some more of how beautiful it is on the coast. You will see everything from Sea Lions, beaches, to Sharks, Stingrays, and more. The scene in Finding Dory of the Sea lions makes total sense now.

If you're thinking about heading to the Oregon Coast you might enjoy the Oregon Coast Aquarium. This Newport find has been rated in the top 10 nationally and that means it's legit! I just came back from there and our son loved it! You will also notice some very smoke filled photos. This was a smoky drive that had highways and side streets closed off all the way up to Portland. We found a way around but that smoke followed up. We were lucky enough to enjoy the remainder of days smoke-free.

All that said this was a great week to spend with family. I kind of unplugged, but was quite difficult with all the national disasters happening right now. My family is in Houston and it's been a struggle knowing that I can't do anything. Everyone seems to be fine. I found a few great deals you should know about.

  1. Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
  2. Stay on the beach.
  3. Watch the Whales in Newport.
  4. See the Sea Lions in Newport.
  5. Eat at Sumpter Junction Restaurant in Baker City.

The Beach House versus the Hotel

This one is up for debate and it's important to do your research. You can find rooms that walk out on to the beach for just $200. You might spend $100 off the beach, but everything is a few minutes away. We stayed a few nights in LIncoln City, the day in Newport and the rest in a beach house on the coast.

Check these cool beach homes because at around $225 - walk out on to a beach with 3-5 bedrooms/two levels. This turned into a family vacation on my wife's side of the family and we stayed with everyone. So much fun especially walking out on the beach when the water was at low tide. Grab some friends and split the fees - PERFECT!

I'll get you some links of other places to rent from in the next blog. You can rent one with a hot tub on the water while watching Whales in front of your eyes. No joke! I have my own photos to prove it! Fyi: Check the times of year because it's rainy and overcast for most of the year. Then again, that's why so many people love the Oregon coast.


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