Boise Music Festival. Snake River Stampede. The Western Idaho Fair. They're all on your summer bucket list. That takes care of three weekends! How else do you plan to fill it?  

You've thought about road trips to Seattle or the Oregon Coast, but with gas prices as high as they are right now those options have lost a little luster. Especially when you realize that gas prices are even higher in those destinations!

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If you're looking for something a little bit closer to home and something that you can do on close to one tank, we suggest venturing out to one of these lakes where the water is so blue that you'll forget you're still in Idaho!

Well, that is until you lose your balance on your paddleboard and fall into the water. While they look like the warm water you'd find in the Caribbean, they're anything but that. These southern Idaho lakes have a reputation of being pretty darn bone-chilling! They're a refreshing hidden paradise, but you definitely want to be cautious if you're trying to swim or snorkel in them for an extended period of time!

Thanks to Sothern Idaho Tourism, we were able to map out just how far they are from Boise. There are also several gorgeous and helpful videos on YouTube offering visitors tips for their trip. You can watch them a little further into this article.

If you make the trip, remember to be good stewards of the land, practice the principles of "Leave No Trace" and leave the area better than you found it. It's the Idaho way!

These 3 Breathtaking Idaho Blue Lakes must Be On Your Summer Bucket List

While they look like they belong in the Caribbean, these crystal clear blue waters are actually found in Idaho! Click the name of the destination to learn more about it!

YouTube Videos of Visits to Idaho's Blue Lakes

Blue Heart Springs

Box Canyon State Park

Ritter Island State Park

Remember, parking at state parks is FREE if you have an Idaho State Parks Passport. It's seriously the best $10 you'll spend when you renew your vehicle's registration. Learn more about getting one HERE. 

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