You learn a lot when you spend a considerable amount of time in the comments section of social media. Especially when you're a radio station posting about pop superstar Taylor Swift on a regular basis.

Here's a few things we've learned from comments under Taylor Swift posts:

  • She puts on the best live concert ever
  • She has no talent
  • She's fake
  • She's the greatest artist of this generation
  • Who?

Again, not our thoughts, your comments.

As you can see, everyone has some kind of opinion on Ms. Swift, and as far as we can see, people either love her or very much do not care for her at all. We haven't quite figured out why, but maybe this will shed some light on the subject.

We've written about Taylor Swift numerous times before, but what you're about to read must be the most bottom-of-the-barrel attempt we've seen at getting clicks on a Taylor Swift article that we've seen in a minute.

No where in said article will you find any new information about Swift, her tour, her movie, or even her dating life. It's almost as if writers think "Hey, if I write about Taylor Swift, even if it's nothing of substance, people will click on it!"

Well, we're not exactly sure if that's true. However, trust us when we say after you read this article about Taylor Swift, you will every much want that 1-2 minutes of your life back.

Still interested? Then check out this completely pointless article about Taylor Swift.



(Yes, this is satire. Send it to a friend who needs a laugh!)

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