Like it or not, Ms. Taylor Swift is the talk of the town. Whether its people discussing her new romance with NFL star Travis Kelce, rumors about her appearing at a Boise State Football game, or even getting banned from one, everyone is talking Taylor.

More specifically, fans are talking about Taylor Swift live. Live, as in live in concert.

Taylor has been touring pretty much her entire career, and Swifties have had ample opportunities to see the country-turned-pop superstar on the big stage. That is, unless you live in the great state of Idaho.

Some say it's because there aren't venues big enough in Idaho to house a Taylor Swift-sized concert. Others believe our infrastructure couldn't handle the influx of fans. A select few even think Taylor Swift has some beef with Idaho. We really doubt that last part.

Whatever the reason, Taylor Swift fans in Idaho have been experiencing an absolute drought when it comes to live performances from their favorite artist. As a matter of fact, the last time Taylor Swift performed in Idaho was all the way back on May 17th, 2009, during her Fearless tour.

Sidenote: If you're interested in seeing the setlist of songs Taylor performed during that concert, you can see that here.

Luckily, some fans are taking action, and have created an online petition to get Taylor Swift to return to Idaho to perform live in concert. If you want to help with the cause, you can sign the petition here. Fingers crossed.

Pictures: Taylor Swift at the Kansas City Chiefs Game (Oct. 22)

Taylor Swift was very distracted at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday (Oct. 22) in Kansas City. Honestly we can't blame her.

Swift and Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce are dating and she's attended several of his games. Brittany Mahomes and her two kids joined her in the press box this week.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes


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