Do you happen to have sports fans in your home? If not, allow us to fill you in on the conversations you'll hear during any NFL game at the moment:

  • "Who cares about Taylor Swift?"
  • "Oh my god STOP cutting to her!"
  • "Taylor Swift? Never heard of her"

Firstly, yes you have.

Second, yes these are things people are actually uttering during football games broadcast on television. As you may know, many BSU fans also enjoy getting their fill of NFL football on TV, so this affects the entire Boise State Football community.

So, we know what they're saying during football games, but why are they saying it? Why are BSU fans so upset about Taylor Swift appearing on TV during an professional football game?

If you spent any amount of time watching football, you'll find there are a lot of breaks. Literally, after every single play, there is a break in the game that can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. Sometimes those breaks are filled with commercials, but what happens when those run out? That's right. Time fillers.

Cutting back to the announcers, asking them about the offense for the 40th time this game. Oh look, there's the quarterback's grandma in the stands, how wholesome. Is someone wearing a funny hat? Hurry, cut to them while nothing happens inbetween these plays!

We're being sarcastic, but those camera cuts do happen pretty much every play during an NFL game. Do you want them to keep cutting to the funny hat guy? No? Then we'll just have to settle for some Taylor Time on camera. Sorry y'all.

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Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes


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