It's #GivingTuesday across the country for a Global Giving Movement. Today is all about giving through the social streams of our everyday clicking. We live on social media and this is the BEST way to get your message to more people, in the fastest amount of time. Today it's all about raising money for your local non-profits.

#GivingTuesday is designed to come immediately after the crazy shopping of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. America spent more money on Cyber Monday this year than any other day in history racking up $6.59 billion. #GivingTuesday begins the giving season and this movement wants you to focus on your local community. This ends at midnight, but the giving will continue. People will still need food, clothes, and assistance. Let's help these non-profits lift up our community.

They always say most of us are just a few paychecks away from being homeless. Need a list? #GivingTuesday will let you type in the city, state, and type of organization you want to donate. This is an awesome tool if you just want a complete list of non-profits in your area. You never know when that family could be yours.

GoFundMe has donated $1000 to each of the two local campaigns that I've heard about.

  • Alexander is raising money for an app that will assist people with disabilities navigate publlic spaces including the location of safe, reliable services and employment.
  • Amiah is raising funds to help eliminate lunch debt in the state of Idaho. I wrote about this little lady and her sister. Super cute lemonade stand story. Kids are the future? Kids are NOW! You can read more about Amiah HERE.

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