I watched the reactions as they filtered through Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and several phone calls today. Another Iconic band has lost their heartbeat and it can't come back. See how Idaho copes.

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I remember posting a comment immediately after Robin Williams suicide was made public. Shocked consumed me for a few moments as I posted the most innocent comment...

"..what could have been so bad that you would take your life, Robin."

I don't take that back because I learned a major lesson after a few listeners took extreme offense. Depression is more than just bad moments that consume your life. Nobody thinks it's a great idea to take their life and that was the route of people getting upset with my comments. I didn't mean anything by it at all. I deleted my post almost immediately.

We watch as these larger than life figures continue to fall one by one. I saw someone post that listening to Link Park sounds different today 😭😭😭 I thought that was one of the most honest comments of the day. Someone on my Facebook wrote a simple few words, this hurts. We relish in our music and we gravitate towards the lyrics that most mirror our feelings. This was my favorite quote today.

Music is medicine and songs are like prescriptions. You're boyfriend just broke your heart and he cheated, let me prescribe some Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Carry Underwood or Beyonce. Each song has a path and usually, we're the ones driving on it.

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We sing songs and watch movies for inspiration. There's no doubt that our favorite songs help us deal with life and tragedy. I use to listen to old George Straight songs because it reminded me of my father. I danced with one of my two amazing mothers at my wedding to a song that was my father's favorite, her request.

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Linkin Park took these musical prescriptions to a dark place that reached more fans than we'll ever know. I think one of the saddest things is not knowing that some of these songs might have represented how front man Chester Bennington felt. Yes, these songs helped fans deal, but who was helping Chester?

The country has a devastating epidemic on its hands and there's no relief in sight. Depression can't be fixed by a song when the creators of those lyrics can't save themselves. Mental health has to be addressed now before it destroys more lives. Chester Bennington's death won't just affect his family and friends. This reaches well beyond the music industry and the halls of radio stations across the world. I feel sorry and helpless for the person who listens to these songs and is let down. I worry that THEY will give up.

This entire theme of tweets means so much more than we will never know. Unfortunately, Chester's business will get dragged through the mud and analyzed by a million people. I don't want to know. He took his life on the birthday of his late best friend, Chris Cornell. Chester was obviously devastated and so sorry that someone wasn't able to save him like he did for so many fans. This is one of the last performances by Linkin Park with Chester. You might be witnessing the end of Icons.

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