Dear Micron, HP, Boise State University, Albertsons, and every other business in the Treasure Valley: You're wasting time...and a lot of it. Whoops. 


We get up in the morning and either make coffee or stop at the closest Dutch Bros for an annihilator just so we can make it through the morning. We fight through traffic, remember there's still JUMP construction after dodging the cars always moving too slowly on the connector only to be reminded that the Broadway Bridge is closed.  One day (probably this spring), we'll remember we can't cross the bridge. We walk into work and are ready to conquer the day. Yes, I totally just described my every morning.


After about 8 hours (for some of you saints, it's longer), you've put in a full day of work and are ready to go home.


Wait...not so fast, my friend. You didn't actually work your 8 hours. Would you mind staying 34 minutes longer?


New York Magazine has done a survey and the time that you spent looking up your ex on Facebook, seeing what DJ Khaled's "key" to life is today on Snapchat and searching for an appropriate #tbt post isn't actual work. Yes, I totally just described myself again. I do realize that I'm not working the ENTIRE time I'm here. However, it's my job to know this stuff, right? I can't have you asking me if I know of _________ and me say "Nope, I haven't seen it."


Here's the most interesting part: The people with the longer weeks slacked the most.


Basically, dear Idaho government, what we're trying to say is that 4 day workweeks will make us so much more productive and improve our time management. Where do I send the letter?

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