It’s Sunday, October 1st and there are several things happening that you should be paying close attention to right now.

  • The 70+ temperatures are history and the close to freezing temps are here to stay. It’s officially FALL.
  • Oktoberfest brews are in full swing!
  • Pumpkin Smash is back at 103.5 Kissfm each day.
  • It’s Halloween! That means it’s time for a costume.

Choosing a Halloween costume is something guys throw together and women have planning parties for. Let’s look at the two types of costumes you’ll need and I’ll give you some ideas of what’s trending including places to purchase them.

The Upstanding Semi-Spooky Mom

I’m a new dad and that means I’m learning a lot about the parental world I never realized existed. I’m speaking of the two costumes that moms have to prepare for. I use to see everyone downtown or around the Treasure Valley with the 103 sexy costumes. I also knew several of these girls were moms and only saw one side of the party. There is NO WAY that mom is wearing Baywatch suits next door with little spooky Selena to say trick-or-treat. Momma has to have two costumes.

Single and ready to make the ex-jealous girl

This is what I know about. You can insert anything with the least amount of clothes. I remember conservative girls telling me this was the one day they got to dress up like a stripper. Let the Halloween party games begin!

Few Party Costumes Trending Right Now (updated each week)

  • Pennywise Clown Costume (from “It” movie)
  • Wonder Woman (Women are going to dominate 2018 so get ready. This movie owned the box office and made history. Name another movie with the lead female role as a superhero? You WILL see these costumes. Do it right!
  • Baywatch Girls (the movie tanked but expect to see those lovely red bathing suits everywhere!)
  • Jon Snow and anything Game of Thrones.
  • Star Wars will be huge! (The new movie is out this December and expect to see a lot of various Star Wars characters.
  • Harley Quinn will still be hot.
  • Anything Stranger Things.
  • Donald Trump Spoofing will be at an all-time high. That means Hillary will be in full swing!

I saw this one and I was like - That's morbid but kinda hot!

I think this is cotton candy and why not!

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