I guess the list continues to grow in the eye of cancellations and postponements. ASWD Twilight Criterium has just waived off its 2020 event.

This is just a great event for both Idahoans and cyclist lovers. There is nothing like watching cyclists fly through downtown and around those corners. It's like we're not even in this city. Well, you're gonna have to wait another year because it's been moved to 2021.

This year's event would highlight the best pro women's and men's cycling teams in the country that includes local cyclists. I personally love attending our own local gold medalist Kristin Armstrong event during the Criterium. She's our Olympic hero and it's always great to watch her with fans.

Twilight Criterium gives you a weekend of cycling through Downtown Boise that makes for a great Instagram photo with friends. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has just made events like this too hard to manage. I mean we really don't know what life is going to be like in July. We might be back to normal but there are just no guarantees ts this point.

So, pause on the Twilight Criterium for right now and I'm sure 2021 is going to be electric! You can get more information from the Twilight Criterium Page below.


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