Upon her triumphant return to the ACM's stage, some fans were enraged that Carrie Underwood was being "dramatic" about a facial injury she sustained at home.

Carrie has been cluing fans in on social media about how her face may look different, due to the fact that she required dozens of stitches after her injury. It was obvious that she was feeling self-conscious about the whole thing, and many applauded her return to television with her monstrous performance of "Cry Pretty." You can see that performance here:

There's no denying, the country superstar looked stunning. She looked amazing, sounded amazing, and earned a standing ovation for her efforts. Then, Twitter had to get involved.

Some lowlife trolls (I'm not apologizing) pretty much crucified Underwood after her performance. Why? Because she "looked the same" and was "being dramatic" about her appearance:

There's more, but you get the idea.

Here's the thing: You don't get to tell someone how to react or handle themselves after a traumatic event. Just because Carried looked great doesn't mean she was feeling great on the inside. As a public figure, her appearance is paramount. She's feeling unsure about her look, all the while performing in front of the world and killing it in the process. What are you doing? You're at home tweeting about how she's being dramatic.

Internet trolls are the worst kind of people.

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