The vegan community within the Treasure Valley has been growing rapidly over the years, as more people are choosing to eat plant-based products for their own personal reasons.

But unfortunately, there have been very few restaurant options in the Boise area for them, until very recently.


I even know of many people (myself included) who have considered going vegan, but are hesitant to do so, due to the lack of options when it comes to eating out. 

Well, we are very excited and pleased to announce that this fact seems to be changing, and rather quickly!


Two new 100 percent vegan restaurants are coming to Boise very soon, hopefully sometime this spring:


  • Alchemist Plant Pub

This pub is going to be a vegan restaurant in downtown Boise, on Idaho Street next to the Western Proper.

It is from the owner of Alchemist Coffee Company, which is local and a couple locations throughout the Treasure Valley.


Oh Vegan Soul is going to have all plant-based foods, as well. 

They currently have occasional pop-ups around town, but they have plans to open an actual food truck in Boise.


Locals all over town are eagerly waiting for these two new restaurants to open, because it simply opens up a whole new world of food possibilities.

In a place that hasn’t been very inclusive for people with restrictive diets, we’re happy to see that this is beginning to change in Boise!

However, if you find yourself too impatient to wait, listed below are 13 other amazing vegan restaurants located around town, which locals can explore in the meantime.


A few of them are completely vegan, but most of them simply have some amazing plant-based options that locals love.


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