As a vegetarian, I have been waiting for more plant-based restaurants to open up across the valley. One downtown restaurant is switching to a fully vegan menu!

The owner of High Note Cafe on 5th in downtown says they are switching to a completely vegan establishment once they run out of animal products in the coming weeks.

Much like owner Maria Bahruth, I switched to plant-based vegetarianism after watching a documentary. In a facebook post, she wrote:

"If it works out, great; if it doesn't and costs me my livelihood, then so be it. I can no longer go forward knowing that I have supported great suffering and inexcusable practices by the meat/egg/dairy industry. I'm terrified, but I know I'm doing the right thing, and the right thing isn't always lucrative or safe."

Okay then Maria! I'm here for it. Once you know better, you do better. Once your eyes have been opened, changing your eating habits is easy, or at least it was for me.

I cannot wait to try out High Note Cafe! The menu on their website has been mostly updated to reflect the new vegan menu, and it looks great!

I'll do another blog after I try it out and let you know what my favorite menu items were! I love a good restaurant, and I love supporting local ethical businesses. Here's to hoping more veggie options open up!

More info on restaurant news via Boise Weekly here. 


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