Mutt Madness is back with more bite and larger prizes this year! Join the bracket madness and help us search for the Treasure Valley's Top Dog. You don't have to know about college basketball to play in this bracket or be a judge. How does it work?

  • Submit your photos of your dog along with quick bio telling something about your pooch.
  • 103.5 Kissfm personalities and Emerald Street Kennel's staffers will narrow the brackets down to the top 64 dogs.
  • Dogs will be separated into their divisions and competition brackets for voting.
  • Prizes will be awarded to participating dogs in the following rounds: Slobberin' 16, Grrr-eat 8, FiDO 4, and the Emerald Street Kennel's Championship Round.
  • Prizes will include: Boise Music Festival Tickets, Cool Zone passes to BMF, Certificates to The Colour Palette Salon, $400 certificate to Emerald Street Kennels, The Coolest Cooler (value $500), and more to be added.
  • The Ultimate Crown and bragging rights in the Treasure Valley.

Emerald Street Kennels is our major bracket backer! I had the opportunity to take a tour of their facility, dropped off our dog, and was extremely impressed with their business. I'll be taking Chris Cruise (Cruise&Box Mornings) and his dog for a tour. I've been looking for a place when we go out of town and just with our 2-year-old getting most of the attention these days. We thought having a place for him to could go play, get exercise, and get attention for other pups would be great for him. Here's what I thought was the coolest thing...


I took this after hours screen shot as staffers cleaned after a full day with the dogs. They have eight webcams to keep you in tune with your dog, and THAT lets you see what's happening all day. I'm sure you would agree that this is a must feature, and it's all free. I"m bragging about this because we're giving away these services to some of our winners of Mutt Madness. I'm not getting paid to tell you this. I was just thoroughly impressed with management's knowledge, philosophy, and on-site trainers.

A few weeks ago my wife called me, and two dogs were fighting in our neighbor's yard. The owner of the dogs was caught in between and was yelling for help. Scary situation. That brings me to my final conclusion. Emerald Street Kennels will have over 100 plus dogs on the weekend. I watched them acclimate our weenie dog to the other different breeds and was impressed with how structured it was. They don't just dump your pup in a cage. This is an excellent service for your dog if he/she isn't used to interaction with other animals. Great idea. Smart. Safe. We would love for you to win some of these gifts!

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