In past years I've challenged myself to read a book a month. This is problematic, because I'm almost positive I have ADD and can almost never stay focused while reading. But when I really get into a book, I can't stop reading until it's finished.

I've got a long list of books that I'm intrigued by for 2019, but the top 3 I'll be starting with (or trying to) are:

1: Modern Loss by Gabrielle Birkner and Rebecca Soffer. I was listening to other morning shows throughout the states a couple months ago and landed on one in Atlanta. The female host started talking about dealing with the recent death of her dad and how she was having a hard time processing it or even opening up about it. She said she'd read this book and it helped a lot. My Grandpa was dying from stage 4 cancer and everything she said really resonated with me. I ordered the book on Amazon but didn't start it. He passed just a few weeks later. I hope this book will do for me what she said it did for her.

2: Becoming by Michelle Obama. Honestly I have no clue what this book is about really but I love the Obamas and I'd love to know more about her story. I've seen a few friends rave about it so I added it to my Amazon cart yesterday and can't wait to open it up!

3: The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World by Marco Borges. I found out about this book because the author is friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z who wrote the introduction. I know, but this is the world I and we live in. Anyway, I've been vegetarian for less than 2 years but want to learn more about veganism. Is that the diet that's right for me and our environment? We have an obligation to ourselves and our world to find out what that answer is. More information is better.. and a co-sign by Bey and Jay doesn't hurt the cause.

I'll update as I finish! Which, might be never knowing myself.

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