I suck at New Year's resolutions.  Why?  Because most of mine aren't really the literal definition of a "resolution," a firm decision to do or not do something.  Mine are more of goals and that's why in 2015 I'm making a vision board instead of a resolution list!

Like I mentioned a few days ago, I've been in this unshakable funk since being crushed by discovering the guy I had feelings for back home has a girlfriend.  Allowing myself to be in that funk reeks of failure to me after everything I've learned and philosophies I've developed going on The Single Woman journey.  I should be smarter than to let thoughts like "why not her, why not me?," "why do men seem to admire what's under my clothes more than they respect my mind?," and "does my love of sports and being active make me really too much of 'one of the boys' to be considered girlfriend material?" run my day.  I SHOULD BE smarter, but those thoughts are why I've barely moved off my sofa when I'm not at work.  Plus, I'm not making the strides I want to in my career right now either and my apartment is a mess since I don't have enough energy to clean it.  I feel like I'm weathering a hurricane rather than a storm.



Mandy Hale, the author of The Single Woman blog/books, gives encouragement saying that a storm can wash away a lot of things, but it can't wash away your faith.  She's right.  I know those negative thoughts I'm having are silly.  I know the things I want to achieve in 2015 are within my reach and I am more than capable of achieving those goals.  I just need something visual to remind me of that so I can keep a positive attitude.  So what is that visualization?  Something Mandy does herself, a vision board.

Yup, a vision board.  It's something you cover in experiences, feelings or things you want to be present in your life.  There's no right or wrong way to do one.  You can use photos, magazine cutouts or internet print-offs to visually represent those things.  Most vision boards also include positive affirmations, inspirational words and thoughts.  Sounds like a collage you put together at Youth Group to introduce yourself, doesn't it?  No.  It's much more powerful than that.

According to blogger Jack Canfield it's a physical reminder that the Law of Attraction is present in your life.  What is the Law of Attraction?  It's the belief that focusing positive or negative thoughts can bring about positive or negative results.  If you've seen the film The Secret, you know what I'm talking about.  Keke tried to get me to watch it years ago and I was too immature to appreciate it at that time.  I thought it was a bunch of optimist, psychology, mumbo-jumbo until years later when I read Mandy's book I've Never Been To Vegas, But My Luggage Has. Seeing how using a vision board, embracing God's guidance and the Law of Attraction worked for Mandy made me a believer so I'm working on putting together one of my own.

The goals on mine are broad from running a road race every month for twelve months (running is truly the only time I am ever 100% sure of myself and am scared of nothing) to cleaning a certain room of my apartment on a given day of the week to rebuilding my savings/start the search for a house, etc.  Surrounded by words of love and positivity, I know seeing those goals every day will help me reach them!

Marcie Bettys/Free Race Photos

And btw, it's not enough to just make it and forget it.  Canfield suggests placing it somewhere near your bed and spending some time with it before you go to sleep every night.  Why?  The thoughts you experience 45 minutes before bed are most often the ones that replay in your subconscious as you sleep.  Those are the things you want to be dreaming about, not stress, fear or worry from something that happened during the day.

Have you ever successfully used a vision board?  I want to know about your experiences with it!  Are you going to make one for the first time?  Let me know what you're working toward!  I'm just a tweet away at @michelleonkiss.