I think we can all admit 2016 was full of it's ups and downs. Maybe the election results got your down or you couldn't possibly handle another one of your favorite celebs passing away.  With all the negativity that surrounded last year, you may forget some of the best times you had in 2016!

Never fear! That's why your Instagram #BestNine is here! Wondering how your Instagram friends are making those super cool collages of their 2016 Instagram photos? It's a lot easier than you think.  Just click HERE and enter your Instagram ID. It'll produce a little collage that you can share directly to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account! Try it for yourself and post your results on our Facebook page!

Michelle Instagram Photos

Mine showed some really cool moments for the Treasure Valley, the staff at 103.5 KISS FM and myself! Here's a look at what each of these photos are from Left to Right, Top to Bottom!

Michelle Heart's 2016 #BestNine

  1. Kekeluv and Paige's wedding with their adorable son, Lennox
  2. The day Flying M in Downtown Boise became Luke's Diner from the Gilmore Girls
  3. A day where my make-up and hair looked selfie ready
  4. FINALLY getting a chance to run the 30K Payette Lake Run in McCall on Labor Day Weekend! I'd been wanting to do that race for YEARS!
  5. Kekeluv and I putting a wrap on the 9th year of our child abuse prevention campaign, Live for 175
  6. Chris Cruise, Mateo, Kekeluv and I at Humpin' Hannah's Zombie Prom 2016
  7. Getting crafty and turning a pumpkin into Nemo
  8. Mateo and I shutting down the old Cheerleaders on 4th of July before their remodel into The Tailgate
  9. Me feeling good during my 4th marathon, the 2016 City of Trees Marathon.  Don't worry if you think I look too happy in this picture. It was early on in the race and by mile 22, I wanted to die.

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