It's National Girlfriend's Day! The only gender getting this day right is a female because most guys wouldn't even understand why there is a national day for this. It's okay, you're safe guys. This is besties and I found 5 inexpensive things to do today.

Sex and the City
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Happy Girlfriend's Day! Don't worry guys | this isn't a day for you to do something special for your girlfriend. Girls celebrate this day with the females in their lives that make a difference. Let me give you an example:

"Girl!!! I just saw a snap of your man and NO HE DIDN'T!" or this one that only girlfriends would do,

"Oh....mmmmm, you're not wearing that. Only because I love you that I wouldn't let you walk outside looking like that hot mess." Then there is the oldie but good and what I call the conscience girlfriend,

"Uhhhhh, sorry boy, by. No. You will be going home with me and give me your phone." PREACH SISTA!

Today is the day that you would make a few moments to say I love you to those girls. Think of HBO's Sex in the City. No matter how many times Carrie got her heart broken by Mr. Big or the time he left her at the altar, come on we all felt that. Wait, am I your girlfriend??

Here are 5 inexpensive things you could do today with your girls:


Happy Hour @ Barbacoa on Parkcenter BLVD in Boise. 2 for 1 drinks from 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. every day. That's for drinks that are the same. This is by far one of my favorite, trendy, and delicious spots in the Treasure Valley.


$5 Movie Tuesday at the Village at Meridian and Edwards Cinema on Cole/Overland.

Masculine manicure
Masculine manicure. Close-up.


Manicure and pedicure at 2 River Salon and Spa in Eagle. This is a place to go relax in peace. Put the phone down and enjoy your girlfriend.


Bodovino's free wine tasting Tuesday. They have locations in downtown Boise and most recently opened at the Village in Meridian.

River Float


Float the Boise River or sit by the pool today. I'm sure you might be working, but take a few minutes and sit. Lay. Relax. Take a bottle and chill! If you're floating ofcourse that is frowned upon - be responsible!

Hope that helps and happy Girlfriend's Day!

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