Here I am about to talk on-air and I'm broken into an emotional mess! These are HAPPY tears. Today is National Downs Syndrome Day and this video will capture your heartstrings and strum them like a symphony.

You have to watch this video of 50 mothers with 50 four-year-old kids and one common thread, Downs Syndrome. OMG. I was a damn mess within the first :02 seconds.

Down Syndrome - A congenital disorder arising from a chromosome defect, causing intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities including short stature and a broad facial profile. It arises from a defect involving chromosome 21, usually an extra copy (trisomy-21).

I wanted to share a story, show how people with Down Syndrome touch our community and more importantly how we could learn so much from them.

You might have seen, heard or said some of these things,

  • Where is my coffee and why is it taking so long!
  • Ughhhhhhhh! My life sucks! Where is my phone charger!
  • You voted for who? You are an idiot, stupid, and should die!
  • I can't do this anymore. My life is meaningless.
  • You are so fat, stupid, and shouldn't be alive anymore!!!
  • I Hate you!
  • I'm not doing all that if you're not gonna pay me more!
  • Ugh!!! Stop calling me mom!

I've heard all those things and we all say things in the moment. Some of those I'd never say and it just shows you how your words can kill. We watched an 11-year-old attempt suicide this week because of another teen's hateful words (luckily she's being treated.)

I'd like to share with you some photos of the most beautiful souls that I know. Kids and adults with Down Syndrome don't judge us. Yes, they have challenges that affect the rest of their lives but they've spared the cynical attitudes that we showcase daily. Don't' take offense. This is honesty because we all have it. I want to show you some people who don't judge us and would never say hurtful things to us. They ALWAYS show up to ride a bicycle at Live for 175 during our annual Child Abuse Prevention event in April.

Watch this video below, share this blog, and post about someone with Down Syndrome that has touched your life. Make sure if you post on social media that you use these hashtags #WhatIBringToMyCommunity #WDSD18. Today is an amazing day for us to reflect on the people who aren't asking for sympathy but to be just like everyone else. I'd say they've been blessed with someone we all strive to have, unconditional love.

Here are a few photos from some amazing humans that will forever live in my heart.

This was a post from my girl Jaymee that represented Idaho in Chicago for nationals. This is one amazing woman and she doesn't let disabilities hold her back. Take a look at this post. #inspiration


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