Every city has a haunted place or two but when I started looking into "Real" haunted spaces in and around Boise I was shocked at how many places have residents from the after life. All of these places have interesting stories behind them and with the help of www.hauntedplaces.org I will highlight them in the my next THREE post.


Urban legend has it that in the 1970s a girl drowned here while waterskiing. Folks have seen her ghost sitting on the shore rocks, looking out upon the water. Those who have tried to approach her say she disappears. I have a question... why would anyone try to approach a ghost? I mean I'm sure they're nice people... I mean ghost but is that really a good idea... ok call me chicken... LOL


This is a popular spot that holds many different events from art walks to concerts. People have reported lights flickering, voices and some really strong vibes. Walking into a 100 year old prison is a questionable situation to begin with but the interesting thing about this particular scenario is that people pay to walk in as the old penitentiary is now a museum.  Fun fact, I once saw Sheryl Crow perform there and the only scary thing I witnessed was my ex-girlfriend.

Happy Halloween... to be continued in Part four.

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