Every city has a haunted place or two but when I started looking into "Real" haunted spaces in and around Boise I was shocked at how many places have residents from the after life. All of these places have interesting stories behind them and with the help of www.hauntedplaces.org I will highlight them.


Locals tell of a woman who hung herself here long ago. According to urban legend, if you park your car on the bridge at night and turn off the lights, you will see her shadow on the side of the bridge.


805 W. Linden st. in southeast Boise is known as the Boise murder house. The story goes like this... Preston Murr and his friends were hanging out in the base when an argument broke out and Murr was shot in the shoulder, he ran out of the house leaving a bloody trail on the sidewalk and his neighbors door before being dragged back into the basement where he was cut into 13 pieces before being dumped into Brownlee reservoir. When interviewed by CBS 2 Idaho news once resident Deann Davis said...

"I feel there is something kind of there kind of not. When I went into the basement it was dark and I was scared and when I go in there was like 'Get me out! Get me out!' cause I felt there was something there and I don't want to go near it," .

Happy Halloween... but please stay away from the Linden st. house.

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