For better or worse we all have our own thought process.

As I sat down to watch the American Music Awards I thought to myself, "I better write this down otherwise I will forget and won't be able to blog about it tomorrow."

Here are my random notes and thoughts based on first impressions from the AMA's last night.

  • Did Post Malone actually spit on stage during his performance? Can you imagine how bad he stunk wearing those leather or pleather pants? He really is the young version of Ozzy Osborne, both are super talented but just a hot mess. BTW Ozzy killed it
  • Camila Cabello had what looked like an orgy on stage except for people were wearing clothes. The two guys that were all in her area at the end of the song probably got closer to her than Shawn did for the first month they dated but I guess that's why people are talking about it today right?
  • Selena Gomez looked great on the red carpet and then was getting maximum exposure by sitting next to Taylor and her mom. Well played Selena.

Speaking of Taylor Swift... 23 AMA's makes her the most awarded female in history! can you say impressive? BTW does anyone buy the OMG I'm so surprised "I won" reaction that Taylor does? I mean, she's won 23 times, maybe that's played out?Just asking. I will say that Taylor nailed her performance, she was great. The thing that struck me as odd was they pulled her up on stage at the end of the show only to have Shania give her the cold shoulder and, frankly, pretty much blow her off.



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