By now, you know the drill: there's a ton of love to be discovered in the Treasure Valley and I am selflessly taking on the task of getting the word out each week!  You could call me a superhero for this...I think?

Look, there aren't these amazing, passion-filled posts EVERY week, but lately I feel like they've been out in full force. Is it the weather? Then again, cuffing-season is winding down QUICK. Regardless, there are some real people looking for someone that COULD BE YOU! You've got to at least be a little curious... right?

So, without further ado...

If your name is Brittany and you work on the 3rd floor of Citi--someone REALLY loves you

Ok.... We work together on the 3rd floor and I've checked you out repeatedly. In a recent meeting you made amazing eye contact with me, but I have no idea if it's because I'm bothering you or if you want to talk. I know one thing ... I'm not approaching you at work until I get a better sense of if it's what you want.

I walk by your corner desk a lot on my way to the break area. I sit one row from you and yeah... I have a hard time not looking because you're essentially the sexiest girl I've ever seen.


So... If by some random chance you see this, send me a note. I think you are curious. If you are not - well - you should be. Hehe.

I come off as up tight and serious, but I'm not. Maybe mysterious and complicated. Fit but nerdy. I think you're maybe out of my league in a couple ways... In others, not. I do know that there is a giant world out there and tons to experience. What I'd give for a chance to experience whatever I could with you.


Are you blonde? Do you work at the downtown Y? If yes: READ THIS:

To the beautiful blonde woman in rainbow leggings at the Y this morning. You are an absolutely gorgeous woman with an amazing body. You definitely work hard to stay in shape, and it shows. You should know that you inspired me to stay and finish a few extra sets today. 😉 Thanks for the encouragement!

Sincerely, the guy who probably over stayed his welcome in the mat corner. If by some strange coincidence you happen to see this and would be interested in coffee, please send me a response. I'd love get some training tips.

Someone at Anytime Fitness in Meridian is hoping to meet you, "tattoo girl"


A couple times now it's just been us two working out. We both did legs tonight. I don't want to bother you so thought I'd try this route. If you're interested... I find you stunning.

Steven at Tobacco is. in. the. air: 

Hey handsome
Woof baby Woof
Daddy thinks you're hot.
I don't know if you play on my team or not, but if you do, please contact me.
If you see this, I think you'll know who I am.
Tell me what my favorite T-shirt says so that I know it's you.


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