Luckily I'm currently in a position where I'm not swiping or looking for someone to entertain me (shout out new bae), but a lot of people who were already looking for love before COVID-19 hit us hard are still looking for their Mr. Right, or Mr. Right now.

Dating during the pandemic cannot be easy. How long can you chat, video chat, text, ask what someone's favorite food and color is, etc before you want to meet them in person?! It's not necessarily safe or advised to be hanging out with new people, or people in general right now.

So how do you take your swipes and texts to the next level while still adhering to the social distancing guidelines? Virtual dates. Facetime while each looking at a menu and sending Uber Eats to your respective homes and enjoying a meal together, virtually. Starting up a movie at the same time together and see if you both laugh at the same things.

You really can have a date experience while staying physically apart until it's safe.

Common and Tiffany Haddish did this very type of virtual date this week in a Bumble-sponsored post, and we talked to our listener Marcus today who said he's been ghosted twice this month after setting up virtual dates.

All you can do is keep trying, and make the best out of a situation that isn't ideal for anyone. But again.. I'm glad I'm not having to swipe in a situation like this.

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