I've been standing alongside women's and children's shelters and advocates for about 12 years now. Victims of violent sexual crimes go through a humiliating period of having to recount their horrific details.

Regardless of the situation it's just something you wish would go away. Can you imagine having to tell someone detail by detail how someone violated you? Then, leave and goto the hospital and relive those details? FACES. is a place developed for the victim and they're having a block party on Wednesday to introduce you to the new facilities.

Faces of Hope Victim Center and Faces of Hope are hosting a block party on Wednesday to celebrate the new addition to the victim services offered at the center for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and elder abuse.

FACES is everything you need as a victim under one roof and this expansion helps the victim in so many ways. I want to say you'll never have to walk in to this place - ever! I've learned that tragedy can be in anyone's path and it's better to be aware.

All that serious stuff aside! Let's have fun and celebrate with some of the Treasure Valley's finest.

  • Meridian Police Department
  • Idaho Garden City Police Department
  • Eagle Police Department
  • Boise Police Department
  • Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Women's and Children's Alliance
  • University of Idaho
  • St. Luke's Clinic
  • The Woman's Clinic
  • Boise Family Advocates
  • Ada County Commissioners
  • Central District Health Department
  • Idaho Diaper Bank
  • Saint Alphonsus
  • Ada County Paramedics
  • Streetwise Women's Defense
  • and more...

You can RSVP HERE.

  • Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Faces of Hope Victim Center
  • 417 South 6th Street, Boise, Idaho 83702
  • Beer, soda, street tacos and live music

If you have any further questions you can contact Paige Dinger, Executive Director for the Faces of Hope Foundation at (208) 577-4400 or Jean Fisher, COO of Faces of Hope Victim Center at (208) 577-4400

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