While living in Spokane, Washington for a number of years--I thought I would be wise to live downtown. I found an awesome apartment in downtown Spokane (fun fact: where the Macklemore music video for 'Downtown' was filmed) and it was directly above the Spokane Knitting Factory.  Being able to run up and down to and from concerts was totally awesome. The location was walking distance to all of my favorite bars and restaurants. There was one problem-- parking was included. Talk about a headache and slew of parking tickets...I'll never sign myself up for that kind of situation ever again.

Downtown Boise parking enforcement is working to both make their jobs more efficient and the same goes for tracking down those cars (like mine used to be) with stacked up parking tickets.

If you've seen a white Toyota Prius with exterior cameras attached--that's the answer to increasing their efficiency. So far, it's working. The car drives around parking zones and is able to capture photos of license plates and wheel positions of vehicles. When it circles back around in two hours-- the vehicle's software can identify parking violations. This is a huge improvement from before, when parking attendants on foot or bicycle had to chalk vehicles tires in order to track potential parking violations.

For more on this vehicle and how it's upgrading the systems in place for the downtown Boise parking enforcement-- click HERE.


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