The talk about "Pre-season" is over. There's no more hype before teams across the country take the field and there's no more question that Boise State's squad is fired up and ready to go.

Yes, the victory at Troy was the biggest season opener victory since the early 70's for Boise State's football program. Now--many would say Troy doesn't compare to the big season openers from years past, like Virginia Tech or Georgia-- however, this Troy program continues to be one of the best non-majors in the country. This victory on the road is nothing to take lightly, Boise State fans (and critics).

After a dominating win against Troy, Boise State now ranks #20 in the AP Poll and #19 in the Coaches Poll-- clearly, the nation and the pollsters took note.

Other notable teams include Washington (lead by Chris Petersen) who despite a loss remains in the top 10 and Oklahoma State (who Boise will be taking on in two weeks) who is #27.

See the full poll results HERE.

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