It's the peak of cuffing season and I hate to say it but a lot of relationships will soon be ending as the holidays come and go. That's just how cuffing season works!  Perhaps you've made it this far without getting tied down and in a relationship. Maybe you're jealous of all of your friends that landed in one. Either way--there could be someone right here in the Treasure Valley that has been looking to get in touch with you.

Here are this weeks top Missed Connections for the Treasure Valley-- know any of them!?

  • 1

    Red Ford Truck

    "Looking for a late thirties woman in a red ford truck on Ustick. Had personalized elk license plates that said something like DIRT or ?? I'm 45, good looking single guy looking for someone to connect with, coffee now and then..."
    Is this you? Click HERE
  • 2

    Exposed Cleavage

    "That was the most exposed cleavage I have ever seen in public and from the looks of those breasts, that's as they should be! Wow!
    Seeing you made me realize just how much I miss big busty women. 
    I hope this finds you in a giving holiday mood as I would love to explore with you!"

    Umm, this guy just sounds desperate but if it's can click HERE.

  • 3

    Phillips 66 Cashier on Overland

    "I came in to get lottery tickets and you started telling me about your daughter being sick and you haven't slept. You were so sexy I should've got your number but just got a little nervous. Hit me up if ya wanna meet up sometime!"

    Know this cashier? Maybe it's you!? Click HERE.

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